How To Increase Sperm Amount Using Diet?

Sperm count can always be different for each man. But what’s common is that you should worry when the sperm count is low. It could mean that you are less fertile and might have other problems in your body. If you want to increase your sperm count, you can always do it through a proper diet. If you do not know what kind of food you have to maintain to get your sperm count increased, here they are.

High Protein Food

The first thing that you should put on your diet list when it comes to increasing sperm count would be high protein food. One of the easiest protein sources to get would be meat and dairy. Despite so, you need to eat a high protein food that is also low in fat. Thus, you should avoid fatty meat like steak. Instead, opt for leaner meat such as chicken breast, turkey meat, fish, seafood, and also eggs. You should also incorporate dairy into your diet as they are high in protein. But once again, you should opt for the low-fat option. For instance, you can always drink low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt, and also cheese.

High protein food is not just meat. High protein food can also be gained from a vegetative source especially soy. Thus, you should eat a lot of soy-based food, especially tofu and soymilk. In addition to that, tempeh and also soybean itself can be such a great addition to your diet.

Avoid Junk food

You do need to avoid junk food if you want to get your sperm count raised. Junk food such as fast food can affect the production of sperm because they affect your body negatively. For instance, they can give you high cholesterol and high blood pressure which can be fatal in relations to sperm production. Not only you need to avoid junk food like fast food, but you also need to take your intake of sugar. This means that you should not indulge overly in desserts or other sugary treats such as candy, soda beverage, or cakes. Even more important, you need to stop drinking too much alcohol because it can give your sperm production a halt. Too much alcohol not only can kill your brain cells but also destroy the healthy function of your body, and sperm making is one of them.

More Vitamins and Minerals

Taking plenty of fibers and vitamins during your diet to increase sperm is such a crucial thing. You do need to consume some vitamins and fibers, but you can always do it in the most natural ways. You should eat more vegetables and also fruits because they are rich in fibers and vitamins. Not only that, they will help in boosting your metabolism which is connected directly to the sperm production system. The better your metabolism system, the more comfortable for the body to produce sperm.

To get some vitamins that you cannot get through fruits and vegetables, you should opt for supplements like Semenax. There are so many supplements out there that are already designed to increase the amount of sperm count. They will usually be filled with plenty of vitamins and minerals that our body cannot produce naturally. That is why it is essential for you to also to take some supplements to increase your sperm count.

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