Internships at the Globalisation Institute

We welcome applications for internships from students interested in the liberal, free-market tradition of economic thinking. We are looking for people who will work hard and play hard, and are interesting, eager to learn and have good people skills.

Please note that our internships are unpaid.

To apply, please send us your CV or resume, along with a covering note and 250 words on your favorite movies, books, and websites. E-mail or write to the Globalisation Institute, Suite 58, 95 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1BZ, United Kingdom.

Internships FAQ

Do you offer work experience?

Due to limited space, we’re unable to offer work experience – i.e. very short-term work doing administration tasks – at the moment. At some point, we will be moving to larger premises and we might re-evaluate this. We heavily automate and outsource our admin, so we’re really just looking for people who can do policy work.

What do interns do?

It depends on the individual concerned, but we try to ensure that interns get an end product – at the very least, a published briefing paper. We think that internships where people sit around all day twiddling their thumbs and browsing on the internet waiting for 5:30 isn’t a very useful educational experience.

Are there events I can go to?

Absolutely. Westminster is full of activity and part of the experience of a GI internship is being able to go to events held by other think tanks and in Parliament etc. But bear in mind that during summer, Westminster is mainly dormant events-wise – but the Institute of Economic Affairs runs events for summer interns which you are welcome to attend.

Where can I stay?

Finding accommodation is something you should do early. The best places to stay during the summer are university halls of residence. Bear in mind that the University of London is made up of lots of autonomous colleges. London is also home to London South Bank University and London Metropolitan University. Being near a London Underground (“tube”) station is often more important than being central.

Should I list the United Nations as my favorite website?

We get dozens of applications from people who claim their favorite website is the United Nations. But let’s face it, is no one’s favorite website. Not even Kofi Annan’s. Keep it real.

Can I get academic credit for doing a GI internships?

Possibly, but you’ll have to ask your university.

What would be your ideal applicant?

What we are really looking for is an experience of being interested in ideas and public policy – and the ability to think outside the box. We often look at applications and say: “Has this person ever had an original idea?”

What age should an intern be?

Typically we offer internships to undergraduates and graduate students.

Who will pay for my graduate degree?

The Institute for Humane Studies in Virginia, USA, offers Humane Studies Fellowships to outstanding students who are interested in the classical liberal tradition.